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To rekey locks Toronto people can fully trust our company. We are fast, especially if having the locks rekeyed is urgent. And such jobs are always done by experienced and well-equipped locksmiths with the utmost care and precision. It doesn’t matter what led you to the decision to have a lock or two rekeyed. The important thing is that Locksmith Toronto is right here and fully prepared to offer the help you need exactly when you need it the most.

If you like to rekey locks in Toronto, just tell us so

Rekey Locks TorontoDo tell if you need a pro to rekey locks in Toronto, Ontario. There might be all sorts of reasons why you may need this service. Say, you are a landlord and plan to let an apartment but want to be sure of the security of the new tenants. Say, you moved to a new office or home and the door locks look good, are relatively new and durable. Why change them? Why spend more when rekeying locks is the most cost-effective solution? You pay a small fee and get a new key for door locks that won’t be accessed by previous tenants. Great. Isn’t it? Should we send a Toronto locksmith?

Interested in a master key system? No worries

Then, you may need a master key system. Simply put, you may want to have one key for all doors in your residence or office. Or you may have some pretty good locks in your commercial facility but way too many keys to carry around. We can send a pro to rekey your locks so that they will work with one key – apart from their individual keys. Or you may want quite a few master keys for a multi-level security system. It doesn’t matter. Everything is possible. You just call us with your lock rekey request and then, we can discuss your needs and options. What do you say?

Do you need emergency lock rekey service? We are on it

Of course, this may be an urgent situation. You may need key change urgently. Say, your key is stolen – or lost. Say, your spouse just moved out, has now become an ex-spouse and you want to make sure your home is secure. Or, consider the possibility of firing an employee but never getting back the office key. In all such cases, speed matters. Take no risks with your security. Call us right away.

We send locksmiths equipped with key replacement products and all the necessary tools to do the job with accuracy. They cut keys on the spot and change the pins of the cylinder with the utmost precision. So, if you want the best in Toronto rekey locks expert, don’t think it over. Call us.