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Lock Change

It takes a call to book lock change in Toronto, Ontario. And since it’s often time-sensitive to have a lock replaced quickly, our team is ready to serve. So, don’t think about it. If you need one or more locks replaced for some reason at all, make contact with us.

At Locksmith Toronto, we are available for all lock services. And so, if there’s only a small problem with a lock, there’s no need to change it. You can simply ask us to send a pro for the required lock repair.

But what if the lock cannot be fixed? Or, if this is a high security door lock and it’s best to get a new one instead of taking risks? In such cases, you can easily make contact with us and book your lock replacement service in Toronto. Let us tell you about all these services.

Lock change in Toronto

Lock Change Toronto

Before anything else, let us pinpoint that we are available for home, car, and office lock change Toronto services. As long as you want some locks replaced with new ones, we are the team to call. And of course, the list includes all types of locks – not just high security locks. Let’s say that you want new file cabinet locks. Or the old mailbox lock replaced. No problem. You tell us what’s needed and we take action.

We know all too well that locks are replaced when they don’t do the job as they should. And sometimes, the situation is bad, especially after a burglary or when exterior locks freeze or get too dirty. And so, we always serve fast and go the extra mile to serve even faster if you need locks replaced urgently.

Now, since you likely worry about the quality of the service too, especially when we are talking about high security locks, let us assure you that we send masters of deadbolt installation services. Of any lock installation, to be exact.

Key change service too

On the other hand, you may want key change and not the locks changed. That’s necessary when you cannot be sure of your security since the key to a lock is stolen or cannot be found or is not returned by a tenant or worker. Assuming that the lock is in good shape, the locksmiths rekey locks and do not change them. And all that to create a new pin configuration that will only work with a new key – not the old key. So, if you need lock rekey service right now, don’t worry. Get us on the phone.

Whether it’s urgent to book service or not, and whether you need key or lock change, Toronto’s number one team is right here and ready to serve. Call us and let us do just that.